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Zuma converts to Islam

President Jacob Zuma has followed in Mandla Mandela’s foot steps and boldly converted to Islam in a Cape Town Mosque early today. The president even went a step further and announced that all Islam schools will offer free education effective immediately. Islam tertiary students also benefited from the generous convert as he announced free education for them too.

A beaming Zuma spoke for the first time after his conversion and said he was glad to have seen the light. “Ngyajabula phoo (I am very happy). Zulu culture had us trapped for so long and I thank my friends for introducing me to Islam.”, said the visibly jubilant Zuma much to the applause of the attendees.

The news has come at a time when students all over the country are protesting for fees to fall and it is not clear what action other non-muslim students will take and how they will react.

Zuma also took the opportunity to announce that he will be going to the annual Mecca Pilgrimage the first chance he gets. Zuma’s biggest headache however will be the fact that under Islam law, a man is only allowed up to 4 wives and judging from Zuma’s past, that number is too little for him.

However, a group of Zulu elders said the ancestors are angry at Zuma for denouncing the Zulu culture. One elder said “He will be punished by the Msholozi ancestors. He will have bad luck for the rest of his life for what he did”. Jacob Zuma seemed unfazed by the ‘threat’ and said Allah would protect him before giggling in his trademark hehehe.

Source : Livemonitor