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Parliament approves speed humps in national freeways

May 15, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

IN a bid to combat speeding and a very high death toll in national roads, the South African National Road Agency Limited (SANRAL), through the Ministry of transport have announced that they will begin installing […]

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South Africa criminalises s_ex before marriage

May 2, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

The new Minister of Police in South Africa, Fikile Mbalula has made his footprint felt after announcing that anyone caught having s_ex out of wedlock will be arrested effective immediately and the offence carries up […]

Generations :The Legacy’s Lucy wins Oscar Award

February 27, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

South African actress Manaka Ranaks‘s historic bid for her first Academy Award came to a close Sunday night, capping off with the actress winning a gilded statuette amid a monumental year for diversity in the awards […]

South Africa to build wall around Johannesburg to keep foreigners away

February 22, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Mayor Mashaba has angered many with his anti-immigrant remarks, but now his Spokesperson for Unintelligent Construction (SUC), Felix Hashe has announced Mashaba’s wall plan. Built to encircle Johannesburg, the wall will keep immigrants out – […]

Donald Trump exposes five African presidents who lied about their age

February 21, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Neighboring Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole is celebrating the birth of Zimbabwean president Robert Gabriel Mugabe. However, while festivities carry on, American President Donald Trump has said he has proof that Robert Mugabe is […]

FNB Savings and Cheque account holders to be refunded R10 000 after technical glitch

February 16, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

FNB is going to be paying back its clients 10 thousand rand each in a course of 2 years after years of insane charges that cannot be explained. The supreme court ordered FNB to start […]

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