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Things that affect a woman’s li_bido

May 21, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

It is usually assumed that a woman’s lib-ido automatically decreases over time, through no fault of anyone, but this is not necessarily true. There are a few situations that will cause a woman to lose […]

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How to catch a cheating partner

April 14, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Unfaithful people will go to great lengths to hide their naughty affair, but now cheaters have opened up and shared the biggest lies they tell their lovers. In order to avoid arousing suspicion when sneaking […]

Reasons why online flirting is cheating

April 8, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

NOT sure if se_xting with your online hottie is cheating on your partner? Dorothy Black weighs in with the truth of the matter. Did you just have s_ex with someone else? Or was it just […]

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Things you should NEVER do before sleeping

April 7, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Sleep. We all need it, but we don’t all do it well. The people who slept 6 1/2 hours a night lived longer than the ones who slept 8! Not to panic, getting 8 hours […]

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Things ALL women have in common

March 21, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

According to a study that involved over 50,000 participants that consists of all se_xual orientations, here some of the shocking facts you’d like to know. The topic about org_asm will forever be relevant, while some […]

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Facts About Your Br_easts You Must Know

February 24, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

FACT #1: It is perfectly normal for your Tips to discharge either milk (when you are pregnant or nursing a baby) or a clear colourless liquid when fondled or manipulated especially during love making. This […]

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Things men want and how to give it to them

February 22, 2017 Karen van Vreden 0

Men aren’t complicated human beings, almost the most straight forward creatures there is which translate to it being very easy to please and make things happen for them. Here are a few pointers to what […]

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