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How to Impress Russian Ladies Online

No one can exactly tell when a Russian woman became the main actress of western men’s wet dreams. The popularity of online dating services that offer Russian women dating is beyond doubt, and because the number of those services is multiplying every day, a lot of men believe that creating an account on one of them would be enough to make their dream materialize. Unfortunately, it’s not enough, as you can’t win the heart of a Russian girl without knowing a few tricks. So, let’s find out how to impress your Russian lady online.

The First Impression

 While you may think of online dating as something inferior to its offline counterpart, you must mind that you won’t have your first offline date if you fail in making the right first impression. A lot of men presume that Russian women are ready to hook up with any foreigner, but it doesn’t work like that. If a Russian woman has an account on a dating site, then she is looking for something serious, thus she needs to know you first. So, your conversation shouldn’t start with some inappropriate proposals or with complementing her sexy looks. What you need is to show that you are sincerely interested in her. Ask her about her life and her views on different things. Sincere interest is a key to impressing a Russian woman.

Don’t Constantly Talk About Yourself

 Of course, it is important that she learns something about you, but don’t pour every piece of your biography on her at once. Take time, she will definitely ask you about everything she wants to know about you. Moreover, you are supposed to ask her questions too. If your conversation is slowly transforming into your monologue – it’s a bad sign. She may simply lose her interest in you because she learns everything from the very start. Moreover, you are risking to display some of your flaws before you can show her your strong sides. So, mind that whatever you think she needs to know about you, your way of communication is a dialogue, and not a monologue.

Send Her Gifts

 The most important part of Russian dating comprises of gifts and flowers. Yep, while western women don’t demand gifts from you, for Russian women flowers and small gifts are the inseparable parts of showing your attention. So, whenever you can – send her some flowers to show your affection. You have your chats to figure out what kind of flowers she likes. Don’t forget to present her with small gifts as well, but mind that your gifts mustn’t be too expensive, as she may think that you are trying to buy her.

Arranging the First Offline Date


If everything goes right and you feel that your online romance lasts too long, it might be the time to start thinking about arranging the first offline date. That’s right, regardless of whether your first offline date takes place in your country or Russia, you need to handle the arrangements. So, dig some information about the best romantic places and best cafes and restaurants in Russia. You Russian date-mate will be pleasantly surprised by your knowledge about her homeland.