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How to Date an Introverted Girl

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Introverted girls are unique creatures who will not fight with a man because they sit at home in the evening, don’t go anywhere and will not insist their men to spend all the time with them. If you are not attracted to introverts, then perhaps it is worth revising your point of view.

They just draw energy from the inside, not from the outside. Therefore, they need to shut down from the society in order to relax from everybody and that is why their behavior seems strange for many people. Here are some tips on how to deal with an emotionally unavailable girl.

  1. Introverted girls don’t like small talk

Their social energy is limited, so there is no point in spending it on what is not important. Deep conversations attract them much more, whereas dialogues in the style of “how are you” seem insincere. They love face-to-face communication and don’t tolerate instructive cues.

  1. Introverts hate phones

There is a rule that you should call in 2-3 days after a date. Call, not write, because it is more personal and pleasant. But it is equally difficult for introverts to answer both calls and messages. So, dating an introvert you should call her but speak quickly and say exactly what you want.

  1. They don’t like hot embraces

The feeling of one’s own space is very important for introverts. Embraces violate it. Of course, we are talking about strangers who love to rush at people with affection when greeting. But even close ones can be discouraged when they receive a detached reaction in return for their manifestation of love. Restrain your impulses, so as not to hurt the feelings of an introverted woman!

  1. Don’t force them to change plans

“What are you doing in the evening?” — You may write to her. And she has already planned an evening on the couch with her favorite movie, pizza, and lemonade, and it’s hard for her to change everything in order to go somewhere with you. Go where you wanted and don’t force her to make up a company (or feel guilty that she didn’t go). Yes, she can spend weekends at home, leave a party in the middle of it or during a conversation, but this doesn’t mean that you are tied by a leash.

  1. They will always listen to you and support you

She really wants you to be happy! If you need someone for all the insanities, it will not work with an introverted girl. But if you agree to talk less in vain and give your partner a place and time for loneliness, everything will be fine and for a long time.

  1. Introverted girls prefer to meet with people one-on-one

Regardless of whether you have met on a dating site or in some other places, a girl who likes to be alone usually tends to communicate tete-a-tete. Introverts love to observe and most of them are creative natures. Text messages can be a great way to ask a question or just let them know what you think about it, but don’t wait for a quick response. So it is better to invite her for a cup of coffee if you want to talk. Give preference to personal communication, share real emotions, and not just emotions.

  1. Social life can be difficult for them

Of course, when a person likes to be alone, no one can’t expect them to become a soul of the company and a fan of noisy parties overnight. On the contrary, many people can be tedious for them, and a huge flow of information can “overload” them. Adapt to her unique style instead of going to a club or a concert. Go on a romantic date, take a stroll along the promenade, sit in the park and look at passing clouds, or simply look her favorite show together at home.

As you can see, to have an introverted girl as a life partner is a chance to make your life happier, easier and more calm.