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Doom pastor out shined by Dettol pastor

December 8, 2016 Karen van Vreden 0

ONLY a few weeks after Prophet Lethebo Rabalago sprayed his congregation with Doom, another pastor has surfaced with what he claims to be a miracle treatment. Prophet Rufus Phala of AK Spiritual Christian Church in […]

Two white men beating up black police man caught on camera

December 8, 2016 Karen van Vreden 0

ALL hell broke loose for the off-duty cop on Saturday when what started as a road rage incident turned into what he claims was a racial attack ! The cop claimed he parked his car […]

HEARTBREAKING:’Sfiso Ncwane died with a smile on his face,’ close friend reveals

December 8, 2016 Izzy Lerumo 0

Over the past few days friends, fans, high-profile personalities and those close to Sfiso Ncwane have shared their fondest memories of him in the wake of his sudden death. Sfiso Ncwane’s family doing ‘much better’ […]

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Fed up Garden Boy leaks video bonking madam in her car as revenge

December 8, 2016 Izzy Lerumo 0

A Pretoria Gardener who had had enough of his boss’ antics decided to fix him after he refused him a salary increase. Aaron Mahlaba who worked for Thando Mavundla of Ashlea Gardens, secretly recorded a […]

S_x Tips : Here is why you should not shave your punani

December 7, 2016 Karen van Vreden 0

These days, it has become an unspoken rule for women to groom their va_gina by shaving from time to time but s_ex can actually feel better when you let it grow. Here are 3 reasons […]

Na_ked woman causes chaos in traffic

December 7, 2016 Karen van Vreden 0

A na_ked woman has been caught on camera almost getting herself killed in a very public place not minding who was watching. A video has shown the shocking moment a n*ked woman was caught moving […]

Things your partner does that show you are terrible in the bedroom

December 7, 2016 Izzy Lerumo 0

Making love is an art that requires skill and experience to perfectly execute. The unfortunate bit about it is that when the execution is poor, the blame is always heaped on the poor man. One […]

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