Somizi Mhlongo Undergoes R2 Million Surgery To Remove S_ex Toy Stuck In His A_nus – LiveMonitor

Somizi Mhlongo Undergoes R2 Million Surgery To Remove S_ex Toy Stuck In His A_nus

Well known TV personality and respected choreographer, Somizi , was rushed to the emergency room for surgery after the di_ldo he was using to pleasure himself with got stuck in his an_us.

According to the South Africa Journal of Surgery Case Reports, the man was using the dil_do for se_xual gratification when it slipped and went into his rec_tum.

The TV personality had to be rushed to the Parklands Hospital where doctors spent 10 hours trying to remove the 23cm se_x toy which had now run of out battery power.

After the doctors failed to remove the toy, they gave the man a general anesthetic so they could successfully extract the dil_do using forceps.

The report said:

‘Somizi Mhlongo presented to the emergency department with severe lower abdominal discomfort, distension and inability to pass urine, flatus or bowel motions. He had inserted a phallic object in the rectum ten hours prior to presentation and had been unable to remove it.

Following a manual attempt at removal in the emergency department, a decision was made to remove this under anaesthesia due to worsening symptoms

The phallic object was successfully removed under general anaesthesia using a pair of Magill’s forceps.”

The report also said people had previously used bottles, light bulbs, apples, rubber balls, spray containers, vib_rators, and other phallic objects such as se_x toys.

The surgery is reported to have set him back a whooping R2 000 000.00.

Source : Live Monitor