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Why You Should Take a Break from Dating and Focus on Yourself

Why You Should Take a Break from Dating and Focus on Yourself

Not all relationships go smoothly and bring only joy and happiness. Some of them leave you totally devastated. You feel like you’ve gone through fierce battles and returned from this war all black and blue. A big mistake that many men make in this case is that they rush into a new relationship shortly after they got out of the previous unsuccessful one. When you’re not fully recovered from the failed relationship, you can’t build a successful new one. If you’ve had a series of failed relationships, it’s another proof that you should take a step back and reevaluate your life and the role of women in it.

Desperately trying to find your soul mate you hop over the relationships and find yourself even more depressed. You become obsessed with the idea, and this affects other aspects of your life, such as work, friends, socializing. What you should do in this situation is to stop. Just stop, okay? It’s time to rehabilitate your personality. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Have a rest

While a footballer can’t play when his leg is broken, you can’t date and build relationships when your heart is broken. So, what you need now is rest. Shift your focus from your past and other people to your present, your interests and dreams. Any relationship requires a lot of time. Now that you’re free, you should use this time to your advantage: join a gym, write a book, learn a new language, climb a mountain. Fill up the emptiness with yourself.

Spend time with your friends

When you enter into a relationship, your friends take a back seat in your life. You become focused on your partner. After a breakup, you feel kind of isolated, so you want to find a substitute. But why start a new relationship in order not to feel isolated when you have your friends who will help you get rid of social loneliness. Friendship, even if it’s not about the best friends, has a very positive impact on your mental state. Communicating with your co-workers, friends, random strangers, you expand your horizons and improve your social skills. If someone invites you to the bar, don’t find the excuse to reject the offer. Hang out even with not very close friends. Just don’t stay at home. If you stay in, entertain yourself with some hot videos, for instance featuring top milf pornstars, to let off pressure.

Feed your body and mind

Look in the mirror – most probably your spiritual unrest affected your appearance. You need to take care of your “interior” and “exterior”. Since they are interconnected, you need to improve both. Go to a gym, start running in the morning, eat healthily, try your hand at some sports. Simultaneously, work on your intellect and erudition. Read non-fiction books, get an educated and interesting interlocutor, get involved in some creative or intellectual activity. Traveling has a huge effect on your mental and emotional state, so go on a trip to a foreign country. Go on a solo trip – this is a perfect way to get to know yourself better.

Change your image

You used a special strategy when developing your previous relationship that unfortunately failed. Now, you feel worthless and misery. And you’ll continue to feel this way unless you change your image. Buy new clothes, reconsider your attitude to life, break your routine. All this will help you become a better version of yourself. You’ll forget the old you and focus on your new improved version. This will not be your mask, this will be the new true you.

Once you’ve felt you’re completely recovered and stronger, you’ll be able to land the right girl. And this relationship will never be devastating – it will be perfect.