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N_aked rider causes havoc in Limpopo

A man caused a scene in the streets of Giyani,  Limpopo after he took to the streets on his bike wearing nothing but his birthday suit. Motorists and pedestrians alike were treated to the sight as the man rode his bike oblivious of the many eyes ogling him.

The man seemed to be a hit with the women because his flaccid member hung an impressive estimate of 30cm. One woman, who refused to be named because she is married said,” I wish my husband was hung like that. I would go crazy every night.” No one seemed to know where the man came from. Some men in the streets shouted obscenities and even threatened to beat him up but he just nodded and waved.

The police were eventually called and they apprehended the man for public nu_dity and failure to wear a helmet while on a bike. He was questioned as to why he was riding in the nu_de and he said he was feeling hot. “I sweat a lot and I need all the fresh air when I am outside. The Limpopo air is humid and hot”, he reasoned.

The police eventually covered him in a blanket and whisked him away. Another police officer followed with the man’s bike.

Source : LiveMonitor