Limpopo woman caught pleasuring herself at work – LiveMonitor

Limpopo woman caught pleasuring herself at work

In a rather embarrassing turn of events, a woman from Limpopo was recently caught pleasuring herself at work.

Close sources from her workplace revealed to Live Monitor that on the night of the incident,Letwin Khumalo, who is a security guard at a local business in Polokwane was the only one on duty that night as the other guy she works with was on leave for the next two days.

How she came to po_rn sites no one knows but she found herself glued to her phone watching the se_xually stimulating videos. A nearby camera  captured her pulling up her chair, plugging earphones in her ears and going on to mast_urbate using her hands.

Unfortunately for Letwin her boss also decided to come back to the office to finish up some work at around the same time the incident was happening. Letwin was so busy pleasuring herself she did not see or hear her boss coming up from behind her. When she eventually saw him it was too late.

Live monitor learnt that it was not the first time that Letwin had been caught in a compromising position as three months before that she had also been caught getting cosy with a man she later revealed was her boyfriend whilst working her night shift. Luckily for her, she was let off on a warning after that incident.

This time however, it appears Letwin was not so lucky as her boss forced her to submit her resignation letter immediately pointing out that she lacked the discipline necessary for someone in her position.