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Man’s manhood turns into a snake after he slept with someone’s wife

A man who thought he was being clever by sleeping with married women ended up on the receiving end of a muthi trap after his manhood turned into a giant snake. The incident happened in Limpopo.

Eye witnesses say the man was well known for bragging about his s_exapades with married woman and called himself “Mosadi_Nyoba”. His modus operandi was simple : He would ‘identify’ vulnerable women women with wayward husbands or alcoholics. He would them seduce them with gifts and compliments before bedding them.

However, he ran out of luck when he hooked up with a woman whose husband is a truck driver. Little did he know that the husband had set a ‘trap’ on his wife. On the eventful night, Mosadi is said to have visited the man’s household and slept with the wife. But as soon as he was done, the shocking incident happened.

A huge snake is said to have appeared from nowhere and coiled itself up Mosadi’s leg before devouring his manhood. The shocked Mosadi could only scream as the snake made itself comfortable on his crouch. Other villagers were alerted by his screams and ran to investigate. That is when Mosadi confessed to the masses.

The husband was contacted and he said he was in Zambia and would only be back in the first week of June. He apparently is the only one who can release the snake. He instructed Mosadi to feed the snake with snuff 4 times a day.

The wife is said to have left her home and went to an unknown place.

Source : LiveMonitor