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DISGRACE : Church choir members caught in the confession room

A popular church in South Africa is in the middle of a scandal after a video tape leaked showing the choir master with one of the choir members getting it on in the confession room. Not only has this incident threatened to ]break up the church, it has also raised concern on why a hidden camera was in the confession room.

The charismatic church, Divine Apostles Assembly, is now the center of coalition. The married choir master, Mr Ngubane was seen in the explicit video getting into the room. A few minutes later, sister Anna follows and the two can be seen kissing and fondling. Not long before they started kissing, they engage in intercourse. All this while they both wore the choir uniform robs.

The church’s spokesperson, Mrs Nyathi said the matter was being handled internally and an official statement would be released soon. “Do not judge”, she concluded.

However, a LiveMonitor reporter managed to speak to another church member on condition of anonymity and she confirmed the matter and video circulated and the head pastor was asked to step down because it was obvious he violated people’s privacy when he installed hidden camera’s.

Source : LiveMonitor