BREAKING : Bushiri’s church member commits suicide after video leak – LiveMonitor

BREAKING : Bushiri’s church member commits suicide after video leak

A well known member of the Enlightened Chritian Gathering, led by Sheperd Bushiri has shocked the congregation after she committed suicide a few meters from the church premises in Pretoria.

Susan Manda, originally from Malawi, is said to have gone into depression after a video showing herself dancing and gyrating her bum to the camera went viral. The woman, who was gifted with an angelic voice decided was always the center of attraction each time she sang because of her voice. Her death comes as a shock to many.

Relaying the shocking news to LiveMonitor, a member of the congregation said the video was made public over the weekend and Susan did not show up to church on Sunday. “It went viral on Friday and Saturday. As you can see, she was entertaining the man on video. She is unmarried and all along we thought she was single. We think the incident happened in January when she took a holiday to Durban”, said the source.

It was not immediately ascertained how she took her life but some suggest she drank poison because she did not have any visible injuries.

News of the death was hard to accept for many as social media was awash with people expressing their disbelief. Her body will probably be repatriated to Malawi.

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