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Former Generations star caught bonking pastor’s wife

A man from Pretoria has accused former Generations star Seputla Sebogodi of attacking him after he found the actor in bed at his home.

The man, who asked not to be named, said he was shocked when he found Sebogodi sleeping in the bed he shares with his fiancée.

He further accused the stage and television actor of attempting to stab him with a butcher’s knife before he fled.

The man, who is a pastor at a church in Pretoria, opened a case of common assault at the Villieria police station in Pretoria.

He has been estranged from his fiancée for about two weeks.

“When I went inside the house my fiancée did not want me to come in, claiming that she had visitors. I proceeded to the main bedroom to get my clothes, and … there was Seputla sleeping,” he said.

“He then pulled me to the ground and started assaulting me. But I managed to grab his leg and he also fell. I ran out and he came with a knife. I managed to block him and ran away.”

He said the problem started on February 18 when his fiancée hosted a function in Pretoria.

“My fiancée came with a car that I did not know. When I questioned her, she did not give a clear answer and I left,” he said.

“Seputla was among the people who attended the event. I left and came back after the function to pick up the sound [system]. I went home and she accused me of abusing her … I decided to give her space.”

Sebogodi, however, denied he attacked the man, but confirmed he was at the house. He said he was sleeping in a guest bedroom.

“That man is a liar. He is just bitter because he has been dumped. How can he go around and call himself a man of God when he abuses women? I never touched him, he is the one who wanted to attack me.”

The fiancée corroborated Sebogodi’s story. She said her ex-fiancé has been stalking her since they broke up on February 18.

“He wanted to attack Seputla. I told him it’s over because he has been physically abusing me.”

Police spokeswoman Captain Coba Brits confirmed a case of common assault was opened.

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