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Lonely Cape Town housewives start se_x club

A group of married women who say they are se_xually neglected by their husbands have formed a club to held quench their s_exual frustrations. The group, which consists of 8 housewives in Cape Town, has resorted to hiring men to satisfy them.

The group’s spokeswoman, Linette (Not her real name) said she started the club with some mothers from the community and the group has grown since it was started in October 2016. She said her husband was an alcoholic and failed to satisfy her in bed. “We had s_ex once in September and he finished within 1 minute so I decided to go look for s_ex elsewhere”, Linette said, also stating that she first approached some guys at a street corner looking for jobs. “He was skeptical at first but I convinced him”, she said.

Linett also said they generally prefer Zimabwean men because they are well hung and last longer.

Since it was started, the club now has permanent ‘men’ to help service the women on request. The men are always on call and available to any one of the women should the need arises. A WhatsApp group was also created to make sure no double bookings occur.

One of the regular men hired by the women said since they approached him, he has been well off financially. “It all depends how well I perform and sometimes I even get R1500 per session. This other day I had two bookings and earned a cool R2 300 for that day,” he said.

Source : LiveMonitor