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Married accountant bonked by her boss while on a business trip

An accountant has found herself single after her boss bonked her and sent the footage to her husband to spite him. The woman, Lilliane Matibula is said to have been approached by her employer where she works as an accounting clerk. The two started an affair and all was well until Lilliane felt guilty and decided to end things with the boss.

The boss would however have none of it and all hell broke lose when the two went on a business trip to Durban. According to Lilliane, her boss spiked her drink and had s_ex with her while recording the incident. He then sent the footage to Lilliane’s husband. Lilliane also claimed that she does not remember much about the night in question. “We were at a business conference in Durban and last thing I remember was going up to my room. I woke up the following morning to see 45 missed calls from my husband, when I called him, he broke things up with me and sent me the footage,” said a heartbroken Lilliane.

The boss however has a different version and said Lilliane approached him for some action and requested they record and send it to her husband because she had recently found out he was cheating. “My man, Lilliane used me to end her affair with her husband. She cheated on her hubby with me but we stopped last year,” he claimed and also further stated that he had only agreed for s_ex that one last time.

Lillaine’s husband refused to comment.

Source : LiveMonitor