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Video of Karabo Mokeona’s boyfriend killing her emerges

Heartbreaking video footage has emerged showing the moment Sandile Matsoe brutally murdered Karabo Mokoena in cold blood. The CCTV captured image show the couple venturing into the bushes together and fast forward two hours later, Sandile was seen hurriedly leaving the bushes. He also was covered in some mud.

Karabo Mokoena’s mother, Lolo, has spoken out for the first time after the tragic death of her daughter. In an interview with eNCA’s CheckPoint, Lolo said that when Karabo’s boyfriend, Sandile Matsoe, beat her up for the first time, she wanted to confront him about it.

In another episode of abuse, Lolo said she was at work when she received a phone call that her daughter had been admitted to Morningside Hospital.

She said she cried, and asked Karabo why she was still in a relationship with Mantsoe. When she went to visit her, Karabo told her Mantsoe had dropped her off at the hospital and left her with a card. At the time, he also bought a new phone to replace the one he had broken.

This when Lolo again urged her daughter to leave her boyfriend, warning that he would one day kill her.

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