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Woman arrested after boyfriend faints due to punani smell

A Soweto woman is facing a charge of attempted murder after her boyfriend passed out after she took off her pants during a love making. The odor from her cookie jar knocked the boyfriend out cold as soon as it hit his nostrils.

The girl, only identified as Lerato, was heard screaming for help when her boyfriend became unresponsive as they made out. Alert neighbors came to investigate and at first thought the man, Jabulani Sizwe, had died but the soon felt a faint pulse. An ambulance was summoned and paramedics managed to resuscitate Jabulani who spewed bile the moment he regained his senses and blamed Cynthia of trying to kill him with her punani smell.

According to eyewitnesses, Jabu could not have none of it and told all those who had gathered that he had fainted because of Cynthia’s smell. “One minute we were making out nicely but when she removed her pan_ties, it felt like a skunk had done its business in the room. I felt like I was being choked and last thing I remember is heading for the door but I did not make it because the smell was too much”, he said.

According to her medical records Cynthia had a fungal infection on her punani. A shy Cynthia said she had ‘forgotten’ to have it treated for the past 3 weeks or so. “I’m under so much pressure at the moment, I have exam stress as well so I forget things sometimes”.

Jabulani went to the police to lay a charge of attempted murder against Cynthia and also broke things off with her. Apparently he believes that she was intentionally trying to give him an STD whereas it’s just an ordinary fungal infection.

Source : LiveMonitor