BREAKING : Woman dies after Pastor Chris puts big speaker on top of her body to prove God’s power – LiveMonitor

BREAKING : Woman dies after Pastor Chris puts big speaker on top of her body to prove God’s power

Congregates of Christ Embassy reportedly went home with their heads down last Sunday after a failed demonstration of power by their Leader, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome when a girl fainted and later died after he put a very big and heavy speaker on top of her,in a botched demonstration of power miracle.

The woman has now died from internal injuries caused to her lungs.

Pastor Chris had organised a night of worship at his church in Nigeria where he was teaching about demonstration of power in which he emphasised that if Jesus walked on water, he too could do anything with faith.

It is at this point that he invited a girl from the praise&worship team and asked her to lie down. He then ordered Ushers to carry a big speaker and put it on her stomach saying no harm would come to her. As if it was not enough, he climbed on top of the speaker, adding unbearable  pressure which then reportedly suffocated the poor girl. Her lights then went out!

After seating on top of the speaker,which was still on the girl’s stomach for close to 5 minutes, he got up and ordered the removal of the speaker, but the girl could not rise because she had passed out. Church elders rendered first aid treatment and she recovered, but immediately started  complaining of stinging pains in her chest. She was then taken to hospital where she later succumbed to her injuries.

A leaked medical report showed that the cause of her death was rupture of internal organs but the matter is being hushed and swept under the carpet with moles saying the family of the deceased has received a very fat bank deposit on condition that they keep their lips sealed.

Efforts to get a comment from church officials proved fruitless at the time of writing

Source : Live Monitor ZA