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Things women think just after s_ex

Here’s what women are actually thinking right after they’ve had se_x .

1. “I Need A Drink”
It has nothing to do with the actual nature of the s_ex with you (or maybe sometimes, it does). It’s just that sometimes, s_ex makes you feel like now, you need a drink already; for good, or for bad.

2. “I’m Famished!”
S_ex is energy. Energy means you’re exhausted and spent and might be hungry because of all those calories you’ve burned. Chances are you’re hungry, too. It doesn’t mean she would prefer a burger over you… not always.

3. “Damn, I’m Good.”
You’re likely to be dating a woman with the ego of a man which is great actually. She’s the female alpha to your male ego! And yes, she’s proud of her ‘skills’; but only because they’re ‘skills’ for a reason. I mean wouldn’t you give an arm and a leg to have her do that mind blowing thing she just did?

4. “He Was SO Good.”
Yes, sometimes—not always; but, some rare times—she is thinking about how amazing you were in bed. Her facial expression may not say the same thing; in fact, don’t be surprised if she looks like she’s bored or just finished a task. She’s just trying to let you NOT know that she thinks you were THAT good.

5. “That Got Over Quickly.”
Ummm… I’m really sorry for you but, yes, sometimes (Read: a lot of times) that’s exactly what women are thinking. I’ll drop a clue here. If you took a maximum of 10, or even 15 minutes with what you did, this is probably what she’s thinking. No, I’m not kidding. I’m actually dead serious with a very sullen expression on my face.

6. “I’m Glad That’s Over”
… I could not be more sorry for you right now *imitates Chandler Bing tone* I wish I could give you clues to when you should expect this one. But, really all I can say here is she’s looking glad—not to be confused with satisfied—and isn’t too eager to talk about the s_ex.


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