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Model marries street man

A model in Cape Town has become an internet sensation after she met and married a street kid. The model, who has won several beauty pageants in and around the province says she was convinced her new husband was heaven sent.

The two met at a traffic light where the man, Joel, was begging for small change. The model, Jannice Van De Merwe, says she was having a bad day and when she stopped at the robot, she noticed this hot handsome street beggar asking for food or small change. Narrating what happened, she said, ” I did not give him anything at that time and carried on with my day but I noticed that I spent the day thinking about him. It was a Wednesday and I did not see him again for at least a week”

One week later, Jannice found herself at the robot again and lady luck was smiling at her because Joel was begging. “This time I did not waste time. I opened the window and invited him into the car. People thought I was crazy,” she laughs.

Joel also added,”When I got into the car it was smelling so nice and I thought I was going to mess up her seats. She took me to a house and allowed me to take a bath and have a change of clothes She was really nice. I developed feelings for her. I have a degree in mechanical engineering but ended up on the streets because of drug abuse. Jannice is my savior. I attended and still attending counselling three times a week”.

Their relationship was met with disapproval from Jannice’s parents who threatened to disown her but she doesn’t care. “As long as I have my man”, she said.

Source : MzansiJuice