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WATCH : Witch turns into a cat after being confronted

According to eye witnesses, this old lady turned into a cat and was found inside a store of a house in Limpopo, last Tuesday.

As shared by Facebook user Energetic Malapo who lives in Limpopo…..

‘Wonders. I used to think it’s only in Nigerian movies, a cat does turn to human. Not until one happens in my area this morning. A cat when stoned by a little boy , turned into a woman with grey hair.’


This woman was said to have transformed from a cat into a human being at dawn today. She was allegedly found as a cat in the store of a house at Limpopo.

It reportedly transformed into a girl before it could be killed. She smelled like an animal and passed heavily smelly animal faeces and urine with equally strong foul odour that could not be said to be of human origin. I’m still unable to eat as result of the choking smell that pervaded the community. It’s one of the most scary reportorial assignments for me. Does anyone still believe in earthly mysteries and secrets? This is strange, but could it be true?.

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