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Pastor accidentally plays daughter’s nu_de video in church

A pastor in the United Methodist church fainted after a video of his daughter played on the big screen during a preach while he projected on the big screen.

Reverend Malatji, of North West, a well known powerful preacher borrowed his daughter’s laptop to prepare for a preach that morning since his laptop had malfunctioned. However, during the presentation, the preacher pressed next to show the next slide and a video of his daughter sitting on a chair with her legs wide  open started playing, full with sound.

The packed church members could not believe their eyes and some respected church members looked away while the pastor frantically tried to pause the video which had played for almost 30 seconds.

The video eventually stopped and the embarrassed pastor excused himself and hurried off. Some church members followed him but he had already sped away in his car.

The pastor’s daughter, who was also in the church and is part of the choir, said she shot the video for herself and felt her privacy was being infringed. “I dont care, I was looking at my body. Who doesn’t look at their body when na_ked”, she shrugged.

The pastor is said to have resigned after the incident