Farmer kills 13 EFF members who tried to raid his farm – LiveMonitor

Farmer kills 13 EFF members who tried to raid his farm

A Free State dairy farmer, Kobus, has been arrested and charged with murder after he shot dead 13 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) members who had occupied his farm and threatened his family.

According to records, Kobus, has a 1 250 hectares farm which he mainly used for dairy farming. The incident happened in mid November. The farmer is said to have been woken up by noises and toyi toying at his property and was shocked to see close to 20 people wearing EFF regalia telling him to leave the farm. Kobus was born and raised at the farm and his great grandfather built the farm and it was handed over to generations before him.

The violence quickly escalated when an angry Kobus fetched his gun and fired warning shots. Not to be deterred, the EFF members are believed to have retaliated by throwing stones and moving towards Kobus’ house.

Things quickly took a turn for the worst when Kobus opened fire on the invaders. The aftermath saw, 13 EFF comrades, 9 of which were men and the rest women, lying dead in the dust as the remaining protesters ran away with their lives.

Police arrived at the scene after receiving a call from Kobus himself and he was arrested on scene and charged with man slaughter.

He will appear in court soon.

Source : LiveMonitor