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Wives urged to sleep with husband’s brother under new law

A new law has been passed by the constitution making it legal for wives to sleep with their husband’s brother if the husband is absent for 14 consecutive days. The bill is set to preserve African values and make sure the wife stays faithful to the family in which she is married to.

Passing the bill into effect, Vice President Cyril Ramaphosa said the new law is indicative of the South African cultural norms and values. “We grew up knowing that the wife belongs to the family. Not just one man and when the couple failed to bear children, the brother would be summoned to help”, he said.

The bill was however heavily criticised by major women’s rights groups who argued that a woman should be free to bed whoever she wants and this new law is taking South Africa back to the stone age.

Explaining how the new law works, Cyril said that every husband automatically relinquishes conjugal rights on day 14 at 12am. The onus will then lie on the husband’s brother, be it older or younger, to se_xually satisfy the woman. If she refuses, criminal proceedings would follow which will ultimately lead to jail time.

However, it was also announced that migrant workers would be exempt from the new law. “If your job takes you away from your house for long periods of time, you are required to send written proof to the government and another copy to your wife confirming this, we have set up a call centre to make follow up calls”, the Deputy President finished off.

Source : LiveMonitor