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Limpopo Teacher Kills Female Student For Leaking His Se_x Video

Limpopo – Tooseng residents in rural Limpopo are baying for a secondary school teacher’s blood after he decided to revenge a girl who is believed to have leaked his se_x video by taking her life.

According to a report, the residents are willing to take the law into their hands and are believed to be pressuring the police to release the offender so that they ‘deal’ with him on their own.

The report further states that on Friday 2 September 2016 the suspect had se_x with the deceased (name with held for security reasons ) and recorded the session with his webcam. Before they had se_x the teacher had promised his student R3000 if she agrees to his commands.

After having se_x with the minor, the notorious teacher informed the student that he could not pay her even R1 since he did not enjoy se_x with the deceased.The teacher further mocked the student saying the minor had ‘borrowed’ her vag_ina from her grandmother.

This did not go down well with the deceased who secretly copied the se_x video from the teacher’s laptop to her own memory stick and later deliberately leak_ed the video to WhatsApp group before the video went viral.

Upon learning that the x rated video was in circulation,the emotionally charged teacher stabbed the female student 2 times in the neck and 6 times in the stomach.

The female student was rushed to hospital and died from extreme loss of blood soon after arrival. The Education department  is yet to comment in regards to the teacher’s behavior who is more likely to face a lengthy jail term in accord to South Africa’s judicial system.

Source : Citizen Report