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Limpopo Man Bonks Friend’s Wife As Compensation For Saving Him From A Lion

Limpopo – It was a moment of happiness and sadness at the same time in Limpopo on Saturday afternoon after a 32 year old man survived a lion attack after his long time friend wrestled the dangerous cat and later pulled it away.

According to reports, the two long time friends were looking for firewood in the bush when the lion came from nowhere and attacked one of the ‘unlucky’ men (name withheld) from the back resulting in him falling to the ground.

The poor villager who was saved from death received a shock of his life after his long time friend later demanded R15 000 for saving his life or else he would have se_x with the victim’s wife.

“I didn’t expect that kind of behaviour from someone I called my friend,how on earth can one demand to sleep with someone’s wife,let alone charging me for saving my life? Surely Tshabalala is not serious”, said the victim.

However,Tshabalala had his own version ,”There is nothing for mahala my friend,for example if I was a medical doctor you would still have to settle medical bills in my hospital just like anyone else,as a doctor I will be saving your life just like I did this situation,this country is in a mess because majority of people mix business and friendship”

The desperate villager later made a hard decision and offered his wife of 10 years for se_x as compensation to his friend since he could not afford to pay R15 000 to his friend who had also threatened him saying failure to meet his demands would result in him petrol bombing his family house.

Tshabalala who has since been blasted by social media on other platforms,was busy taking a 4 minute long video which is available to Live Monitor, confirmed the story.It has also been reported that the two men no longer see eye to eye.

Source : Live Monitor