Jesicca Nkosi broke up with Khaya Mthethwa because of Kelly Khumalo – LiveMonitor

Jesicca Nkosi broke up with Khaya Mthethwa because of Kelly Khumalo

After appearing on last night’s IdolsSA, Kelly Khumalo and Khaya Mthethwa have silenced the rumor mill and confirmed that they are indeed a couple and have been dating for the past 3 months.

Speaking exclusively to LiveMonitor,  Kelly Khumalo confirmed the rumor and said Khaya made him complete. “Khaya has that thing and I can not imagine my life without him.” Twitter was on overdrive last night after Kelly Khumalo posted a selfie with Khaya on Twitter and referred to him as bae.

Close sources have added that the two have always wanted to keep their relationship under wraps and because Khaya was romantically involved with Jesicca nkosi. However, their relationship is reportedly over. Khaya and Kelly saw it as the perfect time to tell Mzansi that they are indeed a couple.

Another source close to Jesicca Nkosi said the real reason Khaya and Jesicca broke up was because she(Jesicca) saw romantic messages and some nu_des in Khaya’s phones which were sent by Kelly Khumalo. “Khaya forgot to delete some images that he received from Kelly Khumalo and Jesicca found them. She (Jesicca) is a chilled person who does not like drama so she ended things immediately”, the source said.

LiveMonitor tried to contact Khaya but his phone went unanswered. Jesicca Nkosi refused to comment while Kelly Khumalo told us to leave her man alone.

Source : LiveMonitor