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BREAKING : More Jeff Radebe footage emerges

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe is embroiled in a text se_x scandal that threatens to torpedo his ambitions for higher office. Radebe, the country’s longest-serving cabinet minister, is in hot water for raunchy text and e-mail communication in which he asks for nu_de pictures of a 29-year-old Union Buildings staffer, Siyasanga Mbambani.

In one explicit SMS, the 64-year-old minister writes: “C.l.i.t is requested” in what is believed to be a reference to her cli_toris. Mbambani, a presidential photographer, is currently on suspension on charges related to insubordination.
She blew the whistle on the minister and his se_xting to bolster her claim she was being victimised by her bosses at the government communications agency GCIS, for being “improperly close” to politicians at the Union Buildings when, in fact, they were the ones “chasing after” her.

Radebe and Mbambani began communicating via text messages and e-mails in 2014 after exchanging telephone numbers.

The flirting started when she sent the minister pictures of himself at a government function.

It was then that they exchanged cellphone numbers so that the minister could “thank you in person” for the pictures.

On March 5 last year, the minister sent her a text message saying “take one down!”. This appears to have been a request for a photo of her private parts.

They then playfully string each other along for some time before she eventually sends him pictures of herself fully clothed. “That one I requested,” the minister responds in an SMS. “Izoyibona [Come and see it],” she replied. And then the minister writes: “C.l.i.t is requested.” “He bantu … andinayo njenna [Gosh … I don’t have it!].” And then she sends another one: “Lol.”

After some more pleading from Radebe, she refers to him by his first name: “Thamsanqa khoyeke man [Thamsanqa, leave it] … You making me shy now.”

She ultimately sent him pictures of herself in a bubble bath and another one of her nak_ed breasts. Three months later, the minister revived his quest to see more. ” … Let me see there,” he said in a text message on June 3 last year. “Where?” she asked. “Down,” Radebe responded. “Hayibo!” she said. “Why not?” he asked. “Awuva wena [You don’t listen].” “The dress is inviting,” said Radebe.

She then asked what he was up to and he said she should suggest what to do. She replied: “Won’t mind chilling with some nice sparkling French wine.”

The exchanges emerged after Mbambani had approached the Sunday Times to speak out, claiming she had been s_ex__ually harassed by the minister over a period and that she had also been put on suspension at GCIS because of allegations of improper conduct on her part, and over how she dressed around politicians.

But the communications seen by the Sunday Times between the two suggest that there was no acrimonious relationship. Mbambani appears to be encouraging the s_exual nature of the communication.

She initially denied ever sending any nude photos to the m inister and claimed she never entertained his s_exual advances.

“I have never sent him pictures of my private parts,” said Mbambani.

But when confronted with the evidence that she had, she said: “I might have been drunk and got tired of him asking for my pictures so I just sent them.”

She didn’t respond to further questions about her initial claims of being s_exually harassed.

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