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PICS : This woman claims to have slept with 15 cabinet ministers

After the much publicised Jeff scandal that shook South Africa over the past few days. Another woman has come out with shocking revelations. She has detailed how she had affairs with at least 15 ministers and members of parliament.

The woman further went to list the ministers and members of parliament which include 7 from the ANC, 3 from EFF and 5 from the DA. When the news broke, political parties in South Africa faced a nightmare PR.

Miss KATE is a confirmed final year Unisa student, and has slept with more than 15 Ministers in South Africa. A close friend of Kate has leaked this information to us telling us of her dealings with Politicians in South Africa.

When LiveMonitor tracked down Miss Kate for a conversation she confirmed her claim and invited us to meet up so she can present the proof. When LiveMonitor met up with the voluptuous woman. She showed us images with at least 9 respectable politicians. The leak might see the end of some political careers since almost 13 of the public figures are married.

Miss Kate also said she spent easter with one minister in Brazil. She had the proof.

She however refused for LiveMonito to publish the images because she is wanting to sell them.

**This is a developing story

Source : LiveMonitor