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KWAITO legend Eugene Mthethwa in big Scandal with Mother in Law!

KWAITO legend Eugene Mthethwa of the Trompies fame is entangled in a dirty se_x drama that involves his mother-in-law, an international gigolo and the police.

Pastor Rose Botwana of the popular Zoe Bible Church in Soweto was allegedly caught with her pants down buying se_x from a male prostitute based in Durban.

Botwana, says the gigolo, enjoyed the transactional se_x so much that she allegedly asked the man to make a se_x tape with her.

Sunday World has seen the se_x tape in which a man and a woman who resembles Botwana are engaging in what looked like unprotected se_x.
In the se_x tape, the woman, dressed in red lingerie, is seen indulging in the intercourse with Jack Mutie without a condom.

Mutie, who says he is a male prostitute from Kenya, says Botwana, 54, told him that having a se_x tape has always been her fantasy.
“She forced me to record our se_x because she said she always fantasised about having a se_x tape. She said that she married young so she never got to experience these things. We have made three different se_x tapes together,” said Mutie.

The gigolo says when Botwana was caught out by her husband, she claimed he ra_ped her and opened a case of ra_pe against him but the courts kicked it out.

He says Botwana also set Mthethwa on him to threaten him.

Botwana told Sunday World yesterday that Mutie allegedly drugged her and ra_ped her.

She says the court case was thrown out of court as the magistrate said she took time to report it.

“This man conned me. He studied my life and when he finally drugged me, he made the video so he could demand a lot of money from me. He had already taken R52 000 from me,” said Botwana.

Botwana also claims that she saw the ladies’ man only once.

“I regret accepting him as a friend on Facebook. He pretended to be a businessman, that is when I travelled to Durban to see him. It was a business trip,” she said.

Botwana said when she got to Beverley Hills Hotel, she asked Mutie for a drink and after drinking it, she felt weird and high.
“He made the tape and started demanding money and cars from me. He even knew my whole family. My daughter never drove me to him. I then spoke to my son-inlaw Eugene about the matter so he could help me because I trust him,” she said.

Mutie, 35, said he started having se_x with Botwana from March this year and charged her R10 000, “but the rate went down to R4 000 and R5 000 because she became a regular client”.

The lady-killer said Botwana never agreed for him to fly to Joburg.

“She always insisted on coming to Durban. We were regulars at the Beverley Hills Hotel in Durban. She even told me the reason she came so often was because her husband, Evangelist Gladstone Botwana, was not giving her the se_x she wanted.” said Mutie.

Mutie said Botwana used to come to Durban with one of her daughters. “She used to tell her daughter that she was buying bags from me that I was importing from China. In fact, the first pay for our transactional se_x was from the daughters. I have proof,” he said.

The seducer claimed that they reached a point where they trusted each other with Botwana and he started offering her his services on credit. “She sometimes came to me without enough money. The debt accumulated to R120 000 and she only paid back R66 000. That is when we started having a fight about money,” he said.

Mutie said after he started demanding the outstanding money from Botwana, she told him she did not have money.
“She threatened me with her musician son-in-law Eugene Mthethwa. She said ‘from now on, you will be dealing with Eugene’. That is when Eugene started calling me and threatening me,” he said.

Mthethwa distanced himself from the story, saying he did not want to be dragged into the matter involving his mother-in-law.
This despite Mthethwa having exchanged heated messages with Mutie through Facebook’s inbox system over a period of weeks.
Mutie said he was also contacted by Botwana’s husband after discovering one of the se_x tapes.

“The bishop called me saying he found my numbers on Botwana’s phone. He is even the one who said I should demand money from her in exchange of my silence,” he said.

Mutie said just after the bishop discovered the tape, Botwana concocted a story that the male escort drugged and ra_ped her.
“She opened a case of ra_pe and extortion against me at the Durban North police station claiming that I drugged and then ra_ped her.”
Police spokesman Thulani Zwane confirmed that Mutie was arrested in Durban and was taken to Durban Central police station.

Mutie said his ra_pe case was thrown out by the Durban Magistrate’s Court after the se_x tape was presented in court but he remained in custody for extortion.


Facebook messages between Jack Mutie and an account that appears to be that of Eugene Mthethwa

Eugene Mthethwa Date: September 1 2016 Time: 19:27 Eugene Mthethwa The pain I face everyday is knowing that you defiled my father-in-law’s fruit, a Bishop’s wife in that case. As a son, how would you feel knowing that your mother slept with another man whilst your dad sees her as a wife to lay his head on. Do you see how much hurt I live with everyday I see my father-inlaw’s smile?
Jack Mutie Date: September 19 2016 Time: 12:36 Thankfully the State formally withdrew the ra_pe charge on Friday. Thank God we got a judicial system that works!
I read the statement, the bishop’s wife states that I had drugged her and then proceeded to ra_pe her. WTF … She can act that one playing a victim now. You should have seen her how traumatised she seemed when pointing me at court.
This is the same person who begged to visit me in Durban and I got both Facebook and Whatsapp messages to prove this.
I resisted her advances for days on end but eventually gave in. This is the same lady who agreed to make se_x tapes with me claiming it was her fantasy.
That she married younger and she has never had opportunity to experience this side of life.
By the way it was the third tape we had made her and me.
This is the same bishop’s wife that went ahead to share how the Bishop is failing on his conjugal duties.
How for years he has locked himself in his bedroom praying while she yearned for some love and some love making.
For your info she ceased to be a pillow for your father-in-law to lay his head on year ago, it was 10 years ago. She sadly shared how they act putty pretty in public but both retiring to different spaces at the end of the day.
Rose acted traumatised when pointing at me yet she couldn’t wait to take off her clothes n jump on top of me.
Date: September 19 Time: 12:36 Do you know her daughter used to drive her mom to meet me? She thought I was selling her those bags Rose buys from China. My counsel will be asking for their statements soon. Like I said, you guys started what you couldn’t finish. I wanna see the bishop, his daughter and wife in court. I got nothing to lose. Time for singing lullabies is over. I can’t wait to spill the beans on the purported ra_ped bishop’s wife.
Eugene Mthethwa Date: September 21 Time: 8:09 I have never said you ra_ped her but you did demand money from me and have proof of such demands and threats. I am opening my own case against you and oppose the bail to humble you. So do as you wish, I have no single reason to beg you. You failed to talk to me with respect from the beginning when I was trying to be a gentleman, you even despised my gov and my connections.
Jack Mutie Date: September 27 Time: 16:43. Listen Malume, I got nothing to lose here. I hurt no one. Your mother-in-law cheated on her bishop hubby that she has been married to for over three decades. She forced herself into my life. Do you honestly think I was the first Ben10 she ever fucked? You’re wiser than that bhuti mdala. Bra, pray and pray harder because I am now not going to expose you both but I will sue her for defamation …
Am no one’s role model like you and your mom cheating mother-in-law. She got tons to lose but for now let’s wait for time to tell its story.

Source:Sunday World