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Deranged FNB employee caught bonking homeless man

Early commuters in the Pretoria CBD were treated to a free x rated movie when they witnessed a smartly dressed lady playing the sausage in sausage out game with a homeless man.

The incident happened on Monday morning during the hustle of morning traffic. Pedestrians and motorists alike got the shock of their lives after witnessing the two love birds making love, oblivious of their surroundings. What surprised many is the fact that the girl was smartly dressed and had an FNB badge on her. She even had a nicely packed lunch and a purse, indicative to the fact that she had come for the hot session.

One lady who identified the FNB employee said the man she was bonking was actually her husband who had a mental condition. “Arg shame, she used to be married to Craig (the homeless man) and Craig was a drug addict so one day he just left. She tried to reconcile with him and he kept going back to the streets. Guess she now only needs him for the D”, she giggled.

It is further alleged the lady, soon after finishing the deed, just stood up, collected her bag and left.

FNB refused to comment saying they do not interfere with what employees do outside of work.

Source : LiveMonitor