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Ayanda Ncwane blames the pastor for Sfiso’s death

Ayanda Ncwane has come out guns blazing, bashing everyone who refused to donate a kidney to her husband even though their kidneys were a match.

Ayanda Ncwane has made it perfectly clear that she doesn’t want Reverend Francis at Sfiso’s memorial nor the burial. Reverand Franic is the pastor whom Sfiso Ncwane bought a Mercedes worth R1.9 million for. But it has been learnt  that Sfiso’s wife Ayanda Ncwane is very upset with the man of God because he refused to donate his kidney to Sfiso Ncwane and save her husband’s life. According to sources close to the situation, the pastor said that those who do not possess all their body part will not enter the kingdom of heaven with that being said, if Sfiso’s kidney is removed and replaced with the pastor’s kidney then Sfiso will not see the kingdom of God after death. And also the pastor will not see the kingdom of God if he donates his kidney or any other part of his body”

According to Sources, the pastor further said that “Sfiso’s family should find comfort in knowing that Sfiso is now with our good Lord because he will see the kindom of God since he died with all his body parts in tact.” But it appears Sfiso’s wife is extremely furious and he blames the pastor and Sfiso’s mother for her husband’s death because both of them had a matching kidney but refused to donate them to Sfiso when he needed a kidney – Mother breaks silence
Ayanda Ncwane has banned the pastor and Sfiso’s family from attending Sfiso’s funeral because of this.

According to Sfiso Ncwane’s mother, they are planning their own in Malangeni, southern KZN. Sfiso’s mum, Fikile, told ABC news the memorial service would only be for family and neighbours. “I’m aware of the services in Joburg and Durban but unfortunately, we won’t be attending.” said Fikile Ncwane.

Fikile said Sfiso’s wife, Ayanda, had a house in Joburg, where she was mourning without the rest of the family. She said the family last spoke to Ayanda on Tuesday when she told them that they’re not allowed to attend Sfiso’s memorial.

Sfiso’s sister, Gugu, said Ayanda planned to take his body straight to Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban for the funeral on Saturday without stopping at the family home. This is despite the fact that according to tradition, a body needs to start its journey to the funeral at home.

Gugu acknowledged this was the traditional practice, but said the family would follow Ayanda’s instructions and stay away from the memorial service arranged by Ayanda.

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