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8 annoying things South Africans do on social media

Social media is here to stay, although it is contributing its part to society and creating a new trend, it also comes with its negative effect.

Since South Africans became familiar with social media, a lot of things have happened that are quite annoying and here are a few of those things.

1. Postings Full Of Grammatical Errors

Yes! We understand, English is not our mother tongue but if you know that, then there’s no need to force to write what you can’t write. Why befog us with English sentences we can’t get the head and tail of?

2. Commenting “I’m First” On Other People’s Posts

Then we have those who comment on posts like, “I’m First” then another one follows, “I’m Second”. What do you wish to achieve with that, san Olympic Gold Medal?

3. Blaming Some Celebs For Your Children’s Behaviour

These days, parents are also following the social media trend and you have some coming on the internet to blame celebs for not being role models to their children. Now let me get this straight, was your child raised by that celeb?

4. Correcting People’s Grammar On Social Media

Yeah! We agree people make grammatical errors on social media, but nobody has employed you as an English professor to be correcting their grammar on the internet. Seriously, how does it concern you? People who go about correcting people on social media are one of the most annoying people you can ever think of, what happened to privately messaging them?

5. No Profile Picture

So you decide to join the social media wagon with no profile picture and expect people to send you a friend request? Would you have done same if we had no profile pictures too?

6. Dormant Page

You joined Facebook in 2009 and from the day you joined, you are always online but you’ve never posted anything, all you do is like other people’s posts and you have a lot of restrictions on your page…wow!!! So what’s really your understanding of social media?

7. Tagging

Nothing is annoying than getting tagged in a photo that has nothing to do with you.

8. Revealing Too Much Relationship Details

Sharing too much information about your relationship is not something we are really interested in and people who do that are really annoying.

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