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Truck full of s_ex toys looted in Pretoria during xenophobia attacks

A truck belonging to a s_ex shop was looted in Pretoria during the xenophobia violence which has erupted in the province. Looters are believed to have stolen R1,4 million worth of s_ex toys including di_ldos, vibrators, whips, chains and all kind of kinky stuff.

The driver of the truck, who escaped with minor injuries said he was stopped by the angry locals who then asked him to prove his nationality. After he showed them his id and proved he is South African by answering some questions, the looters went for his cargo and broke the key to the back of the truck and started taking the goods that were in the truck. Little did they know the goods were s_ex toys.

“The stuff was packaged in such a way you would not see what was inside. They just grabbed the boxes and ran”, said the driver.

Police have arrested 42 suspects since the recent spate of xenophobic attacks in Tshwane, Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner, Lieutenant General Deliwe de Lange said on Thursday.

Of the 42 arrested, 27 were undocumented foreign nationals. One person was arrested for carrying an illegal firearm, while the other 14 were arrested for possession of drugs or dealing in drugs.

“Police have noted the criminality and will act harshly against anyone found to have been involved in organised criminal acts such as inciting violence, business robberies, looting, arson, public violence, possession of or dealing in drugs, and prosti_tution.”

De Lange urged both South African and foreign nationals, to refrain from deliberately inciting the public to commit acts of violence and from taking the law into their own hands.

Source : LiveMonitor