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Woman divorced after three days of marriage because of CCTV footage

There was major drama in Polokwane after a newly wed woman was caught urinating in the plate which had her new inlaw’s food. Martha Malatji originally of Rustenburg , met and got married to Noel Nzama of Polokwane. The two are said to have had a lavish wedding ceremony and everything went well.

However, after the wedding, the newly weds went to Noel’s place in the village where they stayed for a few days. This did not go down well with Martha  who was well now as a liker of the finer things in life. To make matters worse, Noel’s father, who is blind, was a bit ‘nagging’ according to leaked chats between Martha and a friend. The friend advised Martha to urinate in the old man’s food as this would make him stop nagging her.

What Martha did not know was that there was CCTV camera’s set in the house as a security measure. During lunch on the fateful day, she was captured sitting down and urinating in the plate which contained Noel’s father’s food. She then proceeded to give the blind man the food who proceeded to eat the food, unsuspecting.

Her luck ran out when Noel’s younger brother was reviewing the footage and came across the heart breaking footage. An angry Noel is said to have lost his cool when he was made aware of the footage and immediately sent Martha packing despite her pleas for forgiveness.

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