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WhatsApp group admins to receive monthly salaries

Good news to all WhatsApp group admins as the giant social media company has announced that it will, effective November 2017, pay group admins for their job. Speaking at an emergency press conference, a WhatsApp representative said they (WhatsApp) decided to reward admins after noticing how they help regulate the social media platform and also their dedication.

“Over 1 billion people use WhatsApp and according to our last database count, over 489 million whatsapp group exists worldwide. As a way to thank all the Admins, we will be giving out monthly retainers to say keep up the good work”.

It was not immediately ascertained how much each admin would get or how the money would be paid. The newsletter also mentioned that group admins would be approached in private to discuss the finer details.

“The program will be rolled out across the whole world at the same time”, the representative said.

Whatsapp also has a decent group messaging facility, so it is easy to loop in anyone to an event or group chat. Plus it has the ability for users to see when a message has been received and read with a blue ticks functionality as well as seeing when the contact was last online. Others have this functionality but Whatsapp is often the easiest.

WhatsApp is currently owned by Facebook. But it wasn’t always that way. Facebook snapped up the messaging service for $19 billion in 2014, just as it was trying to convince investors it had a decent plan for mobile. The purchase came with some controversy as many who had specifically avoided signing up to the social media giant found themselves inadvertently giving up their details though WhatsApp anyway. Facebook had also failed to purchase SnapChat a year earlier.



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