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African people with the most unfortunate names

Some people came into this world having an unfortunate fate of being given a hilarious name. That’s a big “no thanks”  to the parents who don’t see names as a matter that needs to be thought of very carefully. Some have regular names but when put together with their last name, then that’s when the hilarity happens.

Others, however, just have their full names messed up.

While there are options to change the awkward and embarrassing name as the person grows older, some decided to keep their names no matter how much of a laughing stock they have become.

Here are hilariously unfortunate names of people that will make you feel guilty about laughing so hard:

Captain Morgan Ndlovu, must have been a Home Affairs office party that inspired this one.

Victor Dont-Worry, don’t worry, Victor… we’ll have it sorted as soon as we figure out how to spell.

Two-Rand Ndlovu, ah the days before inflation.

Matric Examsion, obviously not.

Pipinyana Pampoen Tsotetsi, Steve would be proud.

Source : LiveMonitor