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Truck driver caught bonking landlady after giving her a lift

A truck driver based in Limpopo has found himself in serious trouble after he was recorded bonking his landlord’s wife in his truck. The landlady had asked for transport to go to Johannesburg to visit her parents and along the way, it is believed the tenant proposed to his landlady and bonked her. The two did not know that the truck’s dashcam was recording the action.

The Zimbabwean driver, known to his friends as Tino, is now said to be on the run after he was made aware that his landlord, who happens to be a soldier was looking for him. The landlord, who only identified himself as Amos, said he received the footage from a friend of his who works at the trucking company. Amos also revealed that he was the one who organised a job for Tino at the company.

“I took him as my own young brother. I organised the job for him after he lost his job as a waiter and was staying at my house. I helped him get a licence and organised the job at this trucking company because I know the people”, he said.

He also revealed that he told his wife not to return. A date stamp on the video shows that it happened on the 7th of March. Amos said his wife was still in Johannesburg but he had already told her not to return.

“I divorced her. It’s a good thing we do not have kids otherwise it would have made things more difficult.”

As for Tino, he is believed to have crossed the Beitbridge border into Zimbabwe after fearing for his life. His former employer said he just left the truck in the yard and left. The company HR department also said they will look into the incident to find out who leaked the video.

Source : LiveMonitor