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Truck driver bust with workmate’s wife

A married truck driver was recently caught with his friend’s wife playing the ‘hide your sausage in my honey pot game’ and heavily beaten up. The truck driver, who has been identified as Owen  and works for a trucking company in Johannesburg was lucky to escape with his life after his workmate bust him.

It was noted that on the fateful day, Owen phoned his friend to ask about his whereabouts and when the friend told him that he was out of the province, Owen proceeded to go to his friend’s place for his usual illicit game. Unbeknownst to the scrupulous man, his friend has suspected the affair and was actually in the vicinity, waiting to pounce. The friend did not have to wait for long because Owen surfaced in no time.

While the two got it on, it is reported that the original husband pounced and disturbed the serial bonkers. The unsuspecting and unclad couple who fled into the streets.

It is also reported Owen has gone into hiding ever since.

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