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Tips to Enhance Your Orgasm

Tips to Enhance Your Orgasm



 For most of the guys, orgasm is orgasm but girls know that there are orgasms and fake orgasms, and there are those “just like this”, “hold it like there” and “don’t stop” orgasm. Mostly those orgasms seem absolutely impossible or something that is possible only in porn. If you think that way too, you are terribly wrong, and most likely you never experienced those crazy orgasms only because you never had our list of orgasm tips for girls if  you are about to date singles online




Getting more oxytocin, which is also known as the “love hormone”, is the first one of our orgasmic tips. The Hormones and Behaviour Journal made a study. Participants got oxytocin via nasal spray. Half of the participants got real oxytocin, while another half hot placebo. According to the study, those participants who had got real oxytocin experienced more intense orgasms than those who had got the placebo. It is unlikely that you can get oxytocin via nasal spray, touching and cuddling each other will be the best way to get the “love hormone”, as a result having a better orgasm.




Touching and cuddling is good but foreplay is one of our tips for better orgasm. You may not trust us, but you should trust the research compiled by the American Sociological Review, according to which women increased their chances on orgasm with the stimulation before the actual sexual act. So, if you want to achieve a great orgasm, it is better that you and your partner will hold your horses for a while, and devote some time to foreplay.




You can consider it to be the most banal of all the orgasm tips but it actually works. According to the research made by the Women’s Health magazine, 50% of women that use lube get more intense orgasms. Moreover, those who use lube get orgasm easier than those who don’t. So, use the lube as it is the ultimate one among the tips for achieving orgasm.




If you know how to reach orgasm on your own, then you are likely to have fewer problems with achieving it with your partner. One of the tips for the best orgasm is to experiment with yourself on your own. By practising solo, you can figure out which position is the best for you and how fast you or your partner needs to move for you to get orgasm.




Good things come to those who wait, and a recent study done by Journal of Sex Research proves it. The study showed that those bring themselves close to orgasm and then stop build up to more intense climax. So, wait until you almost there and then hold…hold until you can take it any longer. The orgasm that you are going to get is worth waiting.


Basically, those are the main tips that you need to know to achieve your perfect orgasm. Of course, there are other things that you can do in order to enhance the result. Those things include eating a lot of peaches and other fruits that may boost your libido and doing exercises, as according to the study made by the University of Cincinnati ten years ago those who do regular exercises are more satisfied in bed.