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Three dangerous things that’s ruining your bedroom skills

There are a lot of lifestyle choices that affect a man’s ability in the bedroom. Some men are unaware of these dangers and they continue to wonder what the root of their s_exual problem is.

Here are three things that are affecting your health and how they directly affect your bedroom skills.

How it hurts: Lowers sp_erm count

Are you a lover of drinks like Coke, Fanta, Sprite? These drinks have been known to lower your s_perm count. Men who regularly drink cola each day have sp_erm counts that are 30% lower than their peers who don’t drink as much.

How it hurts: Lowers tes_tosterone levels

If you are the kind that usually add sugar to every beverage you take, you might be ruining your p_enis. One study from 2012 found that glucose (sugar) messed with the testoster_one levels in 74 men. Lower test_osterone will cause you to have less stamina in the bedroom.__

How it hurts: Causes er_ectile difficulties

When a man has consumed a few too many alcoholic beverages, he usually has er_ectile problems. Alcohol amps up se_xual desire but reduces performance. So, you are perfectly horny, but are unlikely to last as long.