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Things your man should never make you do

Things your man should never make you do – You might think that you love your man so much, you’d do absolutely anything for him, but then again, there are also some things a man simply should never ask a woman to do for him.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to give up the right to be an individual, with a mind of your own, so find out where the line has to be drawn and read these ten things no man should ever ask a girl to do:

10. Force you to stay when you really want to leave

If you are really unhappy in a relationship, then you should end it. Don’t let a man force to you to stay, just because he doesn’t want it to end and, don’t let him make you stay through emotional blackmail either.

9. Have an abortion

Things happen and, if an unexpected pregnancy occurs, then the man must step up to the mark and take his responsibilities seriously.

He should never, under any circumstances, tell the woman to have an abortion. That is a very emotional decision that only the woman can make and then the man should be there to support her, whatever she decides.

8. Be more of a girl

Yes, some guys do still think that girls should know their place! Well, don’t stand for it.

If you are not the pretty pink, candy floss, stay at home type, then don’t be.

Get out there and do the things that you want to do, even if he does think that they are not ‘girly’ enough pastimes.

7. Stop seeing your friends:

You do need a life outside of a relationship and friends are an important part of that.

If he is trying to stop you from going out with your friends, then that’s a sign of his own insecurities or of his controlling nature and you shouldn’t be putting up with it.

6. Change who you are:

You are who you are, you should be proud of that, and he should love you for it too.

A man should not ask you to change who you are because, if you do, then it will only be pretence and you won’t be happy pretending to be someone else.

5. Have a baby before you are ready:

It’s your body and you will know when the time is right for you to have children.

Kids aren’t just accessories that go with a relationship, they are a huge, long term, commitment and both partners must be sure that they are ready for that.

4. Forget your dreams:

Whether its finishing college, going to university, having kids or following a career, a man should never ask to you give up your dreams for him.

You should be able to work together, so that you can both follow your dreams and share them together.

3. Have physical intimacy without protection:

Unless you are really settled in a long term relationship, then physical intimacy without a ‘protection’ is an obvious no-no and a man should never ask you to do it.

Some guys do still have a hang up about using a safety hat, but, if he has that little respect for you, then it should be telling you something more about this man.

2. Switch religions or beliefs:

Convert or go is not a thing that anyone should be told, because your beliefs are your own and they should not be up for negotiation.

If he can persuade you to modify your beliefs, through rational and logical debate, and you are comfortable with that, then that’s no problem. But, it should be your decision alone, no one else’s.

1. Stop seeing your family:

Relationships with the in-laws can often be fraught, but he doesn’t have the right to tell you to stop seeing your family, or to make you choose between them and him.

Your family were around way before him and they could be around long after too.

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