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Somizi pregnant after undergoing ground breaking surgery

Popular Choreographer and IdolSA judge Somizi Mhlongo has shocked the nation after he announced that he did surgery to have a womb inserted in his belly. The surgery is reported to have been done in Brazil late January.

A source close to the star said Somizi is very excited about the development and can not wait to have a baby.

“He is always feeling for a kick or a sign though it’s still early days”, said the friend.

Somizi always revealed that the surgery cost him R1,5 million and he is the first man in Africa to fall pregnant.

“Its complex,” he said, “You have to follow a very strict procedure for about two years then if you happen to find a matching donor, you then get the womb attached to your body”.

This method usually requires the fertilised embryo being moved to a surrogate, instead of the transgender man giving birth themselves.

In 2008, Thomas Beatie became the world’s first pregnant man, proving that transgender people with female reproductive organs can still give birth.

But in Somizi’s case, it’s a first because he was not born with female reproductive organs. Even though the advances in this health care are staggering, not everyone is happy that Somizi is blowing money on the controversial surgery.

Somizi has also kept a mystery as to who the father is but some suggested it might be Lundi Tyamara.

Source : LiveMonitor