WATCH : Top politician’s daughter ditches classes for s_ex – LiveMonitor

WATCH : Top politician’s daughter ditches classes for s_ex

Students at a school in Cape Town have had their video go viral after it leaked onto the social media. The footage shows the girl dancing seductively for the guy who at first appeared to be shy but through encouragement  from his friends shooting the video, the guy reluctantly gives in.

According to sources, the girl is a grade 8 student at the school and daughter of a top DA official. The boy is believed to be grade 11.  The video shows the scantly dressed girl dancing to Rihanna’s song “Work” while her class mates record the footage and cheering them on. At the end of the video, the girl was seen kissing the boy.

A student at the school who refused to be named said this is not the first time the girl has been embroiled in controversies which include boys. “She is very young and has so far been expelled from 3 schools. Her father is a well respected member of the community and is really ashamed of her antics”, the source said.

It was also revealed that the girl was previously kicked out of a school in Joburg and her father moved her to Cape Town to study there.

LiveMonitor attempted to conduct the school but the person who answered the phone said the principal had his hands full following the storms that have ravaged Cape Town in recent days.

Source : LiveMonitor