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Married woman caught sleeping with garden boy

A married woman who was in the habit of offering her honey pot to the garden boy, while her husband was at work was recently busted by her mother in law and paraded in the streets, na_ked.

Drama unfolded in Matritzburg when a married woman was caught unaware while being serviced by her gardener. The woman Mrs Mkhize was in the dirty habit of sleeping with the helper but on this fateful day, her mother in law paid a surprise visit from Empangeni and found the two in action.

The shaken mother could not believe her son was sharing a woman with the 21 year old garden boy from Zimbabwe and started shouting at the two unclad individuals. The issue took a surprising twist when the bust woman said she was bewitched and under a spell. She claimed she the garden boy had cast a spell on her.

Soon enough, neighbors heard of the commotion and came to investigate and were shocked to find the two. Some members of the community wanted to give them a good hiding and they were saved by the Community Policing Forum.

Mr Mkhize who is reported to have been overseas at the time of the incident could not be reached for comment but his mother said she want him to divorce the adulterous woman. The garden boy is believed to have packed his belongings and left.

Source : LiveMonitor