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Playing this game can help you last longer

Lasting longer in bed is something every man won’t mind increasing. It doesn’t matter if he can be stay hard for hours unending. Meanwhile, all the time you require is for your lady to cu_m and then you’re free to c_um. You can be a good sport if you can wait till she gets a couple of or_gasms in there then you can round off the entire darn thing with your own or_gasm.

However, there is a new revelation that might help men last longer in bed, there is an hobby that has been discovered can help men with premature eja_culation, reports Laura Hampson, Daily Star Online.

Here is the good news, ladies you mostly hate guys doing this but it turns out, guys who do this have been found to last longer in bed. Ladies, it’s time to swallow that bitter pill. According to a study published in the Journal of S_exual Medicine, men who play video games have lower chances of having premature ej_aculation.

In this study, about 600 men who were aged between 18 and 50, they were asked about lifestyle, gaming behaviors, ere_ction and ej_aculation. Men who play video games for about an hour a day are less likely to have premature ej_aculation than men who didn’t play.

There is something else that might be a problem, while they may last longer in bed, their se_x drive will be low. This study might be a good starting point for further in-depth research into sex and video games. Why is it that way.

Also more importantly, video games are very advantageous to men, it helps with eye and hand co-ordination, it allows for pin point focus and all. For se_xuality, men who play games are found out to be less likely to have pr_emature eja_culation, which means they can last longer but the bad news is their s_ex drive is very low.

So, gaming for men s_exually is a gift and a curse.

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