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Latest on Robert Mugabe’s prophesied death

Today was meant to be the day that Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe takes his last breath‚ but God has decided to keep him around for a while longer…

This is according to Pastor Phillip Mugadza‚ who in January made the brave pronouncement that God had told him Mugabe would die on October 17 2017.

At the weekend however‚ the pastor reportedly sent out a voice note‚ in which he suggested God had changed His mind.

In it‚ Mugadza allegedly says: “It was brought to me to say that there has been a postponement of the prophetic word which I had spoken in the month of January 2017”.

He had no idea why God had the change of heart.

“As to why God postponed that‚ He never told me that – so I really don’t know why God chose that direction. I know many people were actually expecting the fulfilment of the prophetic word‚ because of what is happening in this nation. This can only be speculation as to why it happened and how it got to be like that‚” the voice note apparently continues.

Earlier this year‚ in a clip aired on ZIMDITV Online Global TV Network‚ Mugadza had said that the 93-year-old’s days were numbered.

“When I was in prayer‚ God said to me: ‘This year the president is dying.’ He told me to say that he is dying on the 17th of October‚” said Mugadza. Mugabe‚ however‚ did not take kindly to the prophecy‚ and the man of the cloth landed in jail. Following his release from the cells‚ Mugadza apologised to the president‚ but maintained that the prophecy still stood.

“What happened after that has proved and shown me that the president misunderstood what I said‚ because I remember saying that if he wants to prolong his life‚ he has to go before God. Having said that‚ I thought he’d understand that and go to God‚ but instead he dragged me to the courts and into prison for 55 days‚” Mugadza said on the same TV station in April.

“So I really want to take responsibility by saying‚ ‘Mr President‚ I am really sorry that you misunderstood what I said. But you know what‚ sir? I am not apologising for what I said. What I said still stands‚ if you do not do anything about it’‚” he added.

In an interview‚ Mugabe has brushed off what he labelled “prophets of doom and gloom who masqueraded their dreams and wishes as prophecies”.

“I don’t care about them anymore‚” Mugabe said. “We had some pastors praying for my death‚ even a bishop of my church.” He added that it was absolutely nothing new to him.

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