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Student tricked into s_ex for a spot at local University, tape leaks

A girl was tricked by a University employee to have s_ex with him in exchange for a place at the university despite her dismal results.

Mpumi Nqobo, woke up one morning with 123 friend requests on Facebook and over 90 tags to a video. The video showed her entering an office at a university and proceeding to have unprotected intercourse with a man who was later identified as Mfundi Xaba, a lab assistant at the University of Zululand.

LiveMonitor tracked down Mpumi for an exclusive interview and she told our news personnel that she went to the university to apply for a place this year. She was told her results were poor and could not get her a position.

“When I was walking out, this man followed me and said he would organise a place for me,” Mpumi said and added,”I was happy and thought he was an angel sent from heaven because I did not want to disappoint my parents by telling them I was not admitted into varsity”.

Mpumi further states that she followed the man to an office and when they got there, he told that she must ‘take care’ of him and he would make sure she gets a spot.

“I was desperate so I let him bonk me”, she said.

She added that after the incident the man refused to give her his number and told him that someone from the University was going to call her in a few days to confirm her place. No one called, two weeks later.

What Mpumi and the lab assistant did not know was that the University installed hidden camera’s in the office and lab after reports some chemicals were disappearing from the lab.

An IT technician bumped into the video when he was checking footage for that day. The University refused to comment.

Source : LiveMonitor