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More horrifying details emerge of Karabo’s final moments

On Sunday, the story of the murder of Karabo Mokoena continues to dominate the news agenda, with numerous media reports providing more insight into the alleged circumstances that led to her murder, and the details surrounding it.

The 22-year-old was in an allegedly abusive relationship with her 27-year-old boyfriend, Sandile Mantsoe, a forex trader and evangelist, who has been charged with her murder.

City Press claims that Mantsoe called her to his luxury Sandton Skye apartment to “sort out their differences” on the day she died. However, other newspapers report that they arrived together after having an argument at a night club in Sandton.

City Press reports that despite the fact that Mantsoe had allegedly beaten her badly the previous month and they had broken up as a result, she agreed, and went. They had dated for seven months and Karabo was said to have been deeply in love with him, believing he was a “God-fearing man”.

Karabo’s uncle, Tshepo Mokoena, says CCTV footage indicates that she was seen entering the building but never leaving it.

Her body was discovered several days later in a shallow grave in Bramley, burnt beyond recognition.

Karabo’s friends told the media that she had endured months of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend, saying that she had endured more than one beating at his hands. He apparently believed that she was being unfaithful.

The friends told City Press that they had noticed Mantsoe’s “carpets were wet” when they went to visit him following Karabo’s disappearance. Mantsoe told them his fridge had leaked.

The police confirmed to all newspapers that Karabo and her alleged killers had laid countercharges of assault against each other during the period of their relationship. The Sunday Times has, however, reported that according to a highly placed source, the police had been unwilling to investigate the counterclaims, and told the couple to “work it out”.

Karabo’s younger brother showed the Sunday Times a shocking photo of how badly she had once been beaten by her boyfriend.

According to Sunday World, Mantsoe allegedly loaded Karabo’s body in a wheely bin, loaded it in his BMW and then picked up a tyre, acid and a petrol container from his family home. He then proceeded to the location where the burnt remains were found.

They claim that these details can be found in the affidavit Mantsoe deposed to this week in which he allegedly confesses to getting rid of the body, but denies killing his girlfriend.

They allege that the two had argued earlier at a club, and the argument continued at his apartment.

They report that Mantsoe has claimed he “doesn’t know who killer her” but that he had panicked because he believed that people would think he was responsible for her death.

The Sunday Times has also reported the two had argued at a Sandton nightclub hours before Karabo’s death. They also report that he says he doesn’t know who actually killed her.

The Sunday Times added the detail that “two women” can be seen on CCTV footage at the Sandton Skye building “leaving the house with plastic bags that seem to be filled with sheets. Mantsoe leaves the house with the body at around 2pm the next day.”

They report that Karabo and Mantsoe had arrived together at the apartment at 1am.

A source told the Sunday Times that the nightclub fight was prompted by Mantsoe allegedly flirting with another woman.

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